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Project Management
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Your success is critical and is reliant on good quality project management in conjunction with tested project management tools and processes. Wheel IT Services Group Project Management standards and tools have been developed to be the enabler for your success.

The Project Management tools adhere to Prince II while revolving around the Wheel IT-SG Product Lifecycle Methodology.

Templates devised for speeding up the initiation phase of a project including costing and governance structures.

Linking and tracking risks to products and tasks can be time consuming, the tools and templates used by the associate Project Mangers will provide a higher level of identification and tracking of risks to your projects.

7.Production Support

1.Business Case
2.Planning And Management
Wheel IT-SG Product Lifecycle Methodology
1. Business Case
2. Planning & Management
3. Requirements
4. Design
5. Develop
6. Test
7. Production Support
8. Close

Wheel IT-SG Product Lifecycle Methodology uses a structure taking you through your initial thoughts involving a business case through all the elements in Prince II and product delivery. Various parts of the Prince II process will touch points 2-8 throughout the project delivery giving you confidence in the progress and management of the projects.

The methodology is designed to help you on small or large projects with the ability to expand in a modular fashion to deliver large IT Programmes.

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