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Backup and Recovery Solutions
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All businesses that are reliant on IT solutions will have valuable data that will need to be protected against loss or corruptions. As high profile events have shown loss of data or lack of correct procedures to secure data could be catastrophic to both the reputation and balance sheet of the business.

Experienced Resources plus Knowledgebase = Quality Solutions

With the experience acquired by the Wheel IT – SG associates and the templates and tools within the knowledgebase the challenge of addressing the problem of Backup and Recovery will be less daunting. With a history of implementation into Greenfield and existing sites an appropriate solution can be designed and implemented to meet the business requirements.

The solution implementation will follow the Wheel IT – SG Product Lifecycle Methodology ensuring the solution is delivered in line with Prince II.

The Project Manager and Backup Recovery Consultant/s work closely together with you to finalise and confirm the tasks necessary to deliver the solution using third party products to meet your objectives.

The technology and functionality of the solution will be dependent on the products selected and the amount of time available to schedule online and offline backups for mission critical applications and databases. There are many factors that will play a role in delivering the right solution that will meet the essential business objectives and budget.

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